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   Home School Financial Services Associates 

How We Can Help

Let us help your homeschool group

*  Save numerous hours in administrative group tax compliance, so you can focus on helping homeschoolers

*  Remove the uncertainty associated with operating a home school group so you and those who follow in your office can have peace of mind that your organization is in a sound legal and financial position

*  Save thousands of dollars in sales taxes, while complying with state law


We provide a wide variety of services for state and national organizations, for regional organizations, for coops, tutorials, curriculum fair operators,   of home-school support groups, including:

  • Starting a 501(c)3
    The IRS has a special section just for 501c3 approvals. The approval process can take less than 45 days, if every i is dotted and every t is crossed, just right. Or it can take 6 months to go through the review process. We prefer the quick approval process. They also monitor the operation of all 501c3's.
  • Treasurer Training
    New Treasurers appreciate having someone available to walk them through their new position. Also the laws and financial practices for filing receipts, categorizing expenses, and following Sales Tax Exemption Laws can be a little tricky. When your group's President or Treasurer has a question, there is peace of mind in having someone to call that specializes in home school group financal operation.
  • Non-Chartered Association Structuring Service
    How can we potentially save our group thousands of dollars a year, and make sure our finances are handled correctly?

Let us help you get your organization back on solid ground.  Fill out our online contact form today!

Home School Financial Services Associates