Home School  Financial Services  Associates

   Home School Financial Services Associates 

How do you lead a 501c3 tax exempt home school organization? 

It is a business.   The business is tax exempt

Do you have money moving through your group's account(s)?  You can get tax and accounting information by clicking here.

You impact lots of business and organizational questions as a leader.  Being well intended is great, but do you know "how to run" the business correctly.  It is necessary.

Do you want to expand and protect your group and yourself?   Then answer the questions correctly.  If you'd like some help from people who work with 501(c)(3)'s all the time, sign up for our FREE emailings here.

How much money could your group and its members save by properly using your sales tax exempt status?  If you'd like to help your members save money, sign up for free information here.

In 2008 the IRS made major changes in 501c3 tax exempt organization operation and reporting requirements. Because of concerns for abuse, they made the reporting requirements much more comprehensive, 7 pages v. about 30 pages. 

Does your 501c3 comply? 

You've got people to lead and a business to run. 

Who focuses on running the business?

"How do you answer the basic administrative questions in three areas?"

  • Sales Taxes: Does our homeschool group need to pay sales taxes? When do we have to collect sales taxes?
  • IRS Reporting: In 2008 reporting to the IRS got more complicated. Have your 501c3 by-laws been changed and does your IRS reporting comply with the new requirements?
  • Personnel: Who's answering your volunteer treasurer's questions? If your treasurer leaves, how will you handle the transition? Sign up for free information.


Every one of these homeschool groups has specific IRS, sales tax and administrative issues.

  • Educational Homeschool Co-op 
  • State or Regional Homeschool Association 
  • Homeschool Sports Team 
  • Homeschool Support Group 
  • Homeschool Band 
  • Debate Teams for Homeschoolers 
  • National Homeschool Organization 



  1. Is your Treasurer comfortable with their knowledge of the IRS requirements for your homeschool group? 
  2. IRS CHANGE - Does your homeschool group Treasurer know that the annual IRS filing beginning for the 2008 filing went from about 7 pages to nearly 30 pages? 
  3. Has your homeschool group board changed your bylaws to comply with the IRS’s new requirements? 
  4. Sales tax exempt purchases can save your homeschool group money. Do you know how? 
  5. The IRS requires an annual filing for some groups. How about yours? 
  6. Does your homeschool group know when you have to pay sales tax? 
  7. Does your homeschool group know when you have to collect sales taxes? 
  8. Do you know why the IRS considers the gaming (gambling) industry and homeschool groups in the same category? 
  9. So your homeschool group’s bank account still has someone’s personal Social Security Number on it. Do they know what they are going to go through if they ever have an IRS audit? 


Focus. Do what you know. 

Serve homeschoolers, but don't be  unencumbered.

What HSLDA has done for the homeschool family in the legal arena, HSFSA does for homeschool groups in the financial services arena, including dealing with the IRS, organizational issues, tax filing and sales tax issues.

HSFSA was formed offering administrative help to home school groups all across the United States of America. HSFSA has been in business since 2003. Our clients in TN, VA, NC have had their questions answered and they are still with us today.

Did you start working with your homeschool group to serve home schoolers?  Are you being pulled into spending more of your time on tax compliance and group administrative issues?

HSFSA has an initial activation fee that covers all organization, bylaw revisions, annual IRS filing, sales tax advice, Treasurer training and limited consultation services; and a monthly account draft that covers the annual filings with the IRS.

If your homeschool group is ready to form or has questions about how to properly administer a 501c3 organization, fill out the form now or call Michael E. Yates at the number above between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

If you would like to sign up to receive 501c3 operational information by email, please fill out the secure form.  We do not share our list with anyone else and we don't sell it either. 


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