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In January 2009 the IRS described the acceptable reasons and means of operating a 501c3 organization in their article Exemption Requirements


The IRS has listed some documents relative to the proper operation of 501c3 organizations in their “Tax Information for Charitable Organizations” in their April 2009 update. 


Proper operation of 501c3 organizations is continually under review because some people misuse the "tax exempt" status of their organizations as can be seen in this study from June 2004  Congress Probes Tax-Exempt Group Actions 


Caution!!  You are entering potentially dangerous territory.  Do this correctly to avoid any difficulties.  Although laws vary by state, in Tennessee it is possible to Purchase Curriculum Tax-Exempt and at a Discount as you can see in this May 2005 article. 







Read some of our historic periodic publications and see how HSFSA is helping organizations.  


Volume 1, Issue 1  April 2005 


Volume 1, Issue 3  January 2006 


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