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Non-Chartered Association Structuring

Most states have provisions in their laws for starting "non-chartered associations".  Each state allowing this option has their rules and regulations for the proper operation of such associations.

Typically, these are startups with a low volume of dollars flowing through them. 

The IRS mandates that as soon as the number of $'s reaches $5,000 per year averaged over 3 years, the organization is no longer eligible to be "non-chartered".  It must be chartered. 

The Non-Chartered Association Structuring service verifies that your organization properly handle your finances in accordance with State and Federal Tax Laws, and assists in determining if your association is eligible for a  Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

This Service includes:

    • Explanation on the proper use of the sales tax exemption certificate 
    • By-laws
  • Bank Account
  • Federal Tax I.D. Number
  • Review of the Tax Identification for your Bank Account(s) 
  • Evaluation of last year's fundraising events for sales tax responsibility 
  • A Educational friendly Accounting system both paper and electronic 
  • Evaluation of last year's filing with the State Department of Revenue 

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