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Starting a 501(c)3


When you start a 501(c)(3) you are creating a new person in law, a person that will have benovelent, educational intentions, or other approved purposes. 

This organization may have employees or not. 

This organization may solicite funds or not. 

The organization may conduct sales events and may need to pay or collect sales taxes or not. 

The organization may have members and may have special opportunities for its members, some of those may have financial implications for members or not. 

Did you know the Federal Government requires a non-profit organization that has total gross receipts of over $5,000 a year to register with them as a non-profit organization?

Does your Organization need to be it’s own 501(c)3?

The 501(c)3 Structuring Service verifies that your organization is structured correctly for forming a 501(c)3 Non-profit and evaluates the proper handles your finances in accordance with State and Federal Tax Laws.

This Service includes:

  • Filing the documents for formation of a 501(c)3 with the IRS *
  • Federal ID Number
  • By-laws
  • Bank Account review
  • Review of the tax identification for your Bank Account(s)
  • State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate – (Call to see if HSFSA's analysis of your state is completed.)
  • Explanation on the proper use of Sales Tax Exemption Certificate 
  • Evaluation of last year's fundraising events for sales tax compliance
  • Evaluation of last year's filing with the State Department of Revenue
  • An accounting system template that is flexible and electronic 
  • Evaluation of last year's reporting to the IRS

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