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If you do not receive this email immediately, please call Mike Yates at 615 569-1994 and ask to be put on our list.  If he is not available, please leave your name and email address so he can add you to our Home School Financial Services Associates' list. 

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Over the next few months you will be sent brief comments or lessons that may help you run your non-profit business more smoothly. 

HSFSA was formed to help your non-profit educational business be within the bounds of the law and let you be free to minister to and take care of the people you are serving.  Let us help you be free to serve them. 

Within the bounds of the law there are many services and features you can offer to your membership that will make their educational experience more satisfying and in some cases less expensive. 

In home schooling, when one father and one mother decide to home school that family government and those in their influence have been changed. 

We just want to change one family at a time. 

Let us help you do just that.  

Have you changed a family today?   


Home School Financial Services Associates