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Treasurer Training :

501(c)3 Maintenance Plan

  • Is it time for a new Treasurer?
  • Is your Treasurer ready to handle the books, but not the IRS?
  • Would your Treasurer like to call someone for quick answers to homeschool specific financial questions? 

The 501(c)3 Maintenance Plan gives your group's Treasurer on-going training, consultation, and assistance, enabling your organization to maintain proper bookkeeping and filing practices.

This Service Includes:

  • Filing IRS non-profit annual returns 
  • Training on the proper use of the state's tax exemption
  • A separate filing for your affiliate organizations with the IRS under your organization's group plan
  • Categories for expenses in Quickbooks3 
  • CPA tax representation before the IRS or state Department of Revenue 10 hours per year if needed 
  • Audio Training in record keeping 
  • Updates on tax law changes 
  • HSFSA E-News letter subscription 
  • Training for Treasurer Through HSFSA’s periodic Conference Call 
  • Four hours of personal consultation annually for the association's Treasurer 
  • Annual comparison of budget to actual expenses
  • Annual filing with the Secretary of State, as required 

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Home School Financial Services Associates