Home School  Financial Services  Associates

   Home School Financial Services Associates 


If your group or association was audited today, are you confident that your organization is set up properly and handling its finances in a legal manner? 

HSFSA was formed because the explosive growth of the Home Schooling community has unknowingly propelled the many volunteer organizations past tax related checkpoints. There are now more than 2 million children Home Schooled in our nation today. Because of this growth, many Home School organizations need assistance to structure their groups correctly, and to comply with the Tax and Financial reporting requirements established by their State and Federal Governments.  HSFSA was formed to assist your group in compliance with organizational and tax laws without becoming distracted from the goal of helping home schooling families. 

HSFSA is a tax and bookkeeping service organization formed by homeschool leaders Michael E. Yates and Claiborne Thornton, who have seen first hand the need to clearly understand and apply the principles for organizing and operating all types of home school groups. 

"Our goal is to assist Home School Groups, Associations, and Organizations in complying with State and Federal Tax Laws nation wide and to not only do this as inexpensively as possible, but while exploring all legal means of operating educational groups and saving money," says Mike Yates. 
Home School Financial Services Associates wants to help you to meet these requirements, be structured correctly, to provide you an on-going compliance and training service, and to do it all mindful of the new $'s your group will spend and the new $'s you will save.

Your State and Federal Governments have established various laws that all profit or non-profit entities must follow. Leaders of these non-profit organizations must adhere to those requirements. 

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Home School Financial Services Associates